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Do you have the GUTS for Intrapreneurship? Seminar in Brussels | Philosophie et Management

Do you have the GUTS for Intrapreneurship? Seminar in Brussels



Video – Presentation by Laurent Ledoux on the transformation of the SPF Mobility at the Brussels Intrapreneurship Event

(also here)



Do you have the GUTS for Intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship is gaining momentum across companies and industries, because it solves many of the issues facing organizations today: from generating growth and delivering innovation, to increasing employee engagement and improving talent retention.

Yet implementing intrapreneurship requires more than just putting a poster with Lean Startup principles on the wall. Come and find out how other organizations are leveraging intrapreneurship, and meet peers in jobs like yours, chasing similar objectives and facing similar challenges.


We’ve curated this special 1-day program offering you crucial insights into various approaches to intrapreneurship, real-life stories and case studies by intrapreneurs and impactful workshops for you to understand how to get up to speed with intrapreneurship.


You’ll meet and mingle with corporate innovators of all trades: intrapreneurs or corporate entrepreneurs, innovation (program) managers and directors, heads of labs, incubators and accelerators, strategy and business development managers, R&D and product development professionals, HR and organizational transformation leaders from a wide variety of organizations and industries.


If you’re serious about intrapreneurship, don’t miss this event!


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