Religion, Spirituality and Paradigms – The search for values creating a sustainable and equitable society: debate organized by The Club of Rome

The Aurelio Peccei Lectures & Dialogues-

Enquiries on the Challenges of the 21st Century


Wednesday 18 March 2015 at 18:00 sharp

Religion, Spirituality and Paradigms

The search for values creating a sustainable and equitable society

A panel discussion with
Laurent Ledoux, Philosophie & Management, Joël Van Cauter, philosopher & economist,
Frans Goetghebeur, author, former chairman The European Budhist Union

The Club of Rome is addressing the root causes of the challenges facing humankind. We do so with a systemic, holistic and long-term approach. We wish to contribute to a shift from the dominant paradigms to a radically new world view. It is obvious that science and technology alone are not enabling a more humane and just society. Values are central in any paradigm. They are largely inspired by beliefs, religions and philosophy, not based on science. A better understanding of their role can help to meet more successfully the challenges of the 21st century

In 2012 The Club of Rome initiated a programme “ValuesQuest” to explore the issue and map out a way forward. The CoR-EU wishes to contribute to the debate. This lecture is a first initiative, which may be followed by other discussions, seminars or publications.

Venue :

Royal Academy of Belgium, Rubens auditorium, (Entrance D) Hertogstraat 1 rue Ducale B-1000 Brussels. Doors open at 17:30.

Compulsory Registration :
Admission is free, but electronic registration with appropriate form is compulsory.
Drinks : 15 € p.p. Free for Full members
Payments on account BE16 7470 0377 8074 before 14 March 2015.

The lectures are delivered by distinguished expert speakers with various backgrounds. They are followed by a dialogue with the audience. Drinks and informal get together afterwards allow for networking and exchanges of views. The cycle of lectures is named after Aurelio Peccei (1908-1984), co-founder of The Club of Rome in 1968. An initiative of The Club of Rome EU Chapter, in partnership with The Club of Rome International Centre.

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Email: Info@clubofrome.eu


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