The Source: 1 day private seminar organized by Olivier Onghena

1 day private seminar: The Source.


The concept of ‘The Source’ represents an innovative new way of
exploring management theory and practice. The Source is the
founder of an organization, project, community group or team – a
crucial but often-overlooked role. As the person whose energy and
ideas brought things into being, the Source has a distinctively
different function from other people. Recognition of this special role
has a major impact on the success of the system and the
relationships between the Source and team members.

By understanding and following the principles that underpin the role
of the Source it’s possible to unravel the origins of unproductive
dynamics, then identify leverage points for making quick and simple
corrections that restore healthy flow and high energy to teams,
enterprises and organizations.


For all info pls go to http://www.olivieronghena.com/The-Source-An-an-inspiring-1-day


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