Invitation to participate in the creation of a VIRTUAL PHILOSOPHER

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Invitation to participate in creation of a VIRTUAL PHILOSOPHER 

Our team of philosophy practitioners are up for a task of creating a chatbot that would ask rigorous questions in order to make its interlocutor think, a kind of a virtual Socrates.

The task is difficult, as at this point developing conversational artificial intelligence remains one of the hardest challenges there is.

Nowadays most of therapeutic apps offer weak questions, main goal of which is to make a person express himself or herself, but they do not pick on or analyze what was said.

We would like to change this and are working on creating a Dynamic Questioning Model.
So that a bot-philosopher would be able to ask questions based on a proposed content and generate questions by itself.

In order to make a first step and create a demo-version we need to offer the bot a lot of material, so it could examine various questions and answers and learn from the data. To be more specific, we need to generate 💯 dialogues on the same topic.
And here we need your help.

In September 2018, 22 people from 8 countries took part in answering questions by writing that took place through WhatsApp, all on the same topic “What is the meaning of my life?”

We analyzed the results of these dialogues and did categorization of questions.

Now we are looking for 80 more people willing to participate in the experiment.

What does this participation imply? 

You will be asked to answer about 20-30 questions on WhatsApp or another conversational app (this can be done with breaks or in a row)
The dialogue should start with “What is the meaning of my life?”

What will you get at the end? 

You can gain some insights about yourself and the questioning process
You can give us your feedback and views on the questioning process, make proposals for improvement if you have any.
You will receive the results of the experiment and updates on the process of the chatbot development (if you wish to)

And finally you can possibly contribute to a breakthrough in the area of artificial intelligence 😉

If you wish to participate, send a message to the WhatsApp number: +79854271355 or an email:

Thanks for your help in advance!

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