"What you think you are is NOT what you are" – Shortcuts on the Spiritual Journey by Tom Stine (newsletter – 02/08/13)

  06.08.2013   |     Emptiness, Journey, One, Oneness, Spirituality

I could make every single one of these shortcuts the same.


There really is only one thing to grasp on this spiritual journey you are on, and it is this: there is no you, there is no me, there is absolutely no separate self.

In a very real sense you are nothing. Absolutely nothing. You are the formless emptiness out of which everything arises. You are everything, too, for the entire Universe arises out of you. You are what I am, too. There is only the One, and all things must be completely and inseparably this One. Your entire life, your entire journey, boils down to one purpose: to know that what you think you are is NOT what you are. It is a just a character you are playing in a grand, cosmic drama. But it isn’t you.

In a certain sense, you will never « know » yourself, not at least with the mind and thought. But you will come to know yourself as the emptiness that right now seems so empty to you, but in fact, is not.

Quit running from Oblivion! Quit hiding from the Void! Dive in, dive deep. Surrender yourself. Let what you thought you were be undone. That’s the spiritual journey. Nothing else is. Don’t settle for the thousands of detours along the way. Sit down, now, and know that what you think you are is not you. And sit, and sit and sit until that becomes your reality.






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